Our Foundress

Mother Anna Brunner

Let us rejoice and help one another that we will be worthy of God’s grace.

Mother Anna Brunner 1A New Congregation

In 1894, the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi was founded in Budapest, Hungary by Mother Anna Brunner. As a young woman, against her family’s wishes, Anna Brunner chose to forgo a marriage proposal and instead devote her life to God. While serving the very poor in Hungary, Anna established a new congregation dedicated to caring for the poor and the terminally ill, in the compassionate spirit of St. Francis.

A Lifetime of Devotion

Mother Anna devoted her life in guiding the Daughters of St. Francis. Over many years, she endured personal hardship in her mission to care for those in need. Despite the political environment, she persevered and the sisters of her congregation grew in numbers and in their dedication to the poor. Due to political pressures, Mother Anna and several sisters moved out of Hungary in 1901. They relocated near Ostrava in Privoz and in a short time created a new community. The sisters lived extreme poverty, but in great trust in god. Anna died on April 23, 1911 in Ostrava-Privoz (Czech Republic)

A Legacy of Caring

Today, the compassionate spirit of Mother Anna Brunner lives on in the lives of the Daughters of St. Francis who continue to follow her calling to are for those most in need.

The Daughters of St. Francis are in international congregation. Currently, the community is established in Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and United States. They serve in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and schools with the spirit of compassion and the love of God that guided Mother Anna during the congregation’s early years.